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Beveling Machine is suitable for beveling of plates, pipes at a speed of 2.6M/Min. with 12mm depth in 6-40mm min. thick, mild steel/aluminium metarial/10mm thick stainless steel & Tube Beveling Min. inner dia 100 mm. Standard machine is provided with 30º bevel angle device. 37.5º, 45º and other varying device can be supplied at an extra cost. This preparation of weld edge is required before welding in fabrication workshops, boiler construction equipment, shipyards, pipeline, tank, heat exchanger and machinery manufacturers etc. The beveling operation by this machine is superior, cheaper and faster than any other methods such as flame cutting

How Beveling Machine with Milling Operation is better than Flame Beveling :-

1. Milling cutters bevel, clean accurate angular edge on straight or circular section.
2. Once the cut starts, the cutting force will propel either the machine or the job whichever is lighter.
3. As machine is self propelled, one operator can control beveling operation.
4. More accurate bevel angles, saves grinding/reworking cost. Np. thermal distortion.
6. Bevels at 2.6 M/Min which is much faster than flame cutting speed of 0.3M/Min.

Prod. No. 345A
Spec 2.2KW/3HP, 415V, 3Phase, 50Hz
Gear Box Oil 1.5Kg., Type 460/680 EP
Coolant spray type Machine Oil/Cutting Oil
Beveling Length/min 2.6 Mtrs.
Plate/Tube Thickness 6 – 40mm Plate & Min. 100mm Tube
Max. Bevel Depth (M.S.) 12mm (U.T.S 40Kg./mm2
Max. Bevel Depth (S.S.) 10mm (U.T.S 50Kg./mm2
Access. Includes attachment One Cutter for Mild Steel & Std. 30° Beveling
Wt. (Kgs.) 73.500

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P 345