HS CODE : 8462 Circle Making Machine is used to make various type of round bends in Sections, Flats, Bars, Angles, Tees, Round, Square, Rectangular, Pipes & C channels etc upto 400mm & it is Generally used for R > 5x Ø. Its applications are Pipelines, Furniture, Doors/Windows, Staircases, Railings, Tables/Chairs/Cots, Heavy Duty Springs, Coil making, Arches Garden/Building, Artistic/Decrovative shapes, Bridges, Amusement Parks, Dairy Equipment, Decorative Grills, Auto Parts, Coach Bodies, Boilers, Pharmaceutical/Chemical, Plants, Bicycles, Heat Exchanges, Stoves, Conveyers, Playground equipment, Garden equipment, Light fittings, Railway tracks, Ship building, Defence equipment, Structural fabrication, Hospital Cots etc.

Prod. No 202A 202B 202C 202D 202E
Size (mm) 50 50 80 100 150
Type Horz./Verticle Verticle Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Bending feeding Manual        Hydraulic with NC Control                 Hydraulic with NC Control Hydraulic with NC Control Hydraulic with NC Control
P 202A
P 202B

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