HS CODE : 8467  It is equipped with outer regulating safety clutch, double insulation, current overload protection switch, when the drill is blocked or the twisting force is too strong, it can break off the clutch or the switch automatically and protect the drilling machine. Size 255mm is fitted with an adjustable bracket on its original engineering drilling machine, it can drill a bore vertically, and also can drill an inclined bore at the angleof 0-90 degree. Its fixed method can adopt vacuum pump to bleed the air, make the suction cup firmly stick to the plain of the building, then fixing the rectangle base and the drilling machine on the bolts of suction cup, then the drilling can be processed, Thus, you can not drill the expansion bolt hole and avoid damaging the building.

Virtual Catalogue P 400A P 400C P 400D P 400E

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Prod. No. 400A 400B 400D 400E
Size (mm) 80 102 205 255 80 102 205 255
Voltage 220V/50Hz., 5.0A 220V/50Hz., 5.9A 220V/50Hz., 10.5A 220V/50Hz., 11.1A
Spec. 1150W/1800rpm 1360W/1900rpm 2400W/600rpm 2600W/460/900rpm
Wt. (Kgs.) 5.800 13.000 24.000 52.000