HS CODE : 8205  “INDER-SINCE 1958” Under pressure Drilling and Tapping machine is used to Drill and Tap in running water line while under pressure. It make the hole and tap upto 2” in Single operation without electricity. Machine is recommended for connection ferrules to drinking water mains for connection to consumer without stopping water line.It is unique design and involves engineering challenges so that it is capable of Drilling and Tapping on Cast iron, Ductile Iron, Steel and Asbestos cement pipes of various diameters and inserting ferrules directly in to the wall of water main or through a saddles strap where these may fitted to support the ferrule.

It is hand operated, easily maintained and highly durable to ensure simple installation of service valve to the main pipe and provide a quick, permanent and leak free service connection via conventional swivel ferrule service valve with or without service saddle and best feature is for whole tapping operation to be carried out without interrupting the supply through the main being tapped and it is also capable for dry tapping of the aforesaid mains. All model are packed in robust lock up case with a necessary range of tools and accessories with operations operational Manual.

Specifications: It is suitable for max. Diameter 72” with tapping range Size ½”- 2” available in two models, its material of Feed screw, Drill Spindle, Ferrule Spindle are as per IS:1570 (Part II), 1979 or BS 970 Pat 1 ISO 683/1 and material for Bridle and Machine body shall be of SG Iron IS:1865:1996 or BS 2789 Grade 420/12 (ISO 1083), Material of Rotating Table shall be Spun Cast Iron BS 1452 (ISO/R185) or IS:210-1978 or IS:1865:1996 and Fixing Chain IS:1072:1996 or ISO:4347:1992 with max. High Tensile Steel strength 49600N Breaking load or min. 400 kgs. and all “O” rings and Rubbers shall be of Nitrile Rubber with BS 2494 type W and spindle buffer shall be of Nitrile EP or EPDM rubber in accordance with BS type W and recommended Stainless Steel Bearing with ASNI 420.


Virtual Catalogue P 2301


Prod. No. 2301A 2301B
Bore Cap. (Inch.) ½ – 1.¼ ½ – 2